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Our new product SinterGrip is born to satisfy the current need to clamp a workpiece for very few millimeters (with SinterGrip 3,5 mm clamping surface), and this for the following reasons:
1) In order to machine the workpiece completely in a single operation (especially for 5 axis machines);
2) In order to save money for the raw materials, especially when they have a big impact on the price (aluminum, titanium, etc.)

Indirectly to these reasons, and in order to improve the performance of the machine tool and the tools

higher cutting speed + higher feed rate
= bigger volume of metal removed
= less time to machine the workpiece

The market requires safe clamping, which could at the same time possibly avoid the deformations of the piece itself.

Comparison Clamping Depths


No pre-marking necessary

Elimination of the costs for a pre-mark machine and set-up times

No dove tail pre-machining of the workpiece necessary

Elimination of the costs for the pre-machining

3 different versions for all materials

  • Steel
  • Hardened Steel | Titanium (until 54 HRC)
  • Aluminium | Plastic

Best accessibility and highest holding forces

  • Safe clamping of workpieces
  • Ideal for 5-axis machining
  • High material saving due to lowest clamping depth only 3.5 mm

Maximum lifetime

SinterGrip clamping inserts are made from coated carbide steel and have maximum lifetime

  • Huge metal removal rate
  • Less time to machine the workpiece

Pull-down effect | Active vibration absorption

  • Even distribution of the clamping forces and active vibration absorption
  • Geometric couplings without any clearance

SinterGrip Catalogue

SinterGrip spot

SinterGrip Video

SinterGrip at Work

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