Torque Die & Mould

Only 3.5 rotation Lock-Unlock

Repeatability <0,005 mm

Holding force up to 100 Kn

High jaws surface contact
(Pull down force 18Kn at 20Nm)

Self centered self compensating jaws
  • Huge reduction of set-up times for highest efficiency
  • Safe workpiece clamping with maximum holding forces and highest repeatability
  • Ideal for mold making and 5-axis machining
  • Single quick-actuation for the rapid opening and closing of the modules with only 3.5 rotations
  • Flexible configurations for customized use
  • Compatible to the proven Zero Point System APS

High jaws
surface contact

Pull down force 18Kn at 20Nm

Self centered
self compensating jaws

Holding force up to 100 Kn


A.T. swinging pin

Some pieces may have two or more oblique locating surfaces to each other. In these cases, a leveling device must be incorporated between the piece and the machine tool to compensate for the angular misalignment. A normal leveling device compensates for this misalignment by utilizing a spherical coupling. However, these leveling devices can have limited stability, are subject to play, and require frequent maintenance.

The main function of TLM is to be a leveling device for clamping a piece having at least two mutually oblique fixing surfaces in a stable and safe way. TLM is fully adjustable in height +/- 5mm and can achieve full compensation from 0 degrees up to 20 degrees.

Unique pin with twin swinging screw function and floating centering ring of X; Y

Ideal for pieces / molds after hardening


Magnetic system for clamping pieces in milling

The TDM MAG system utilizes MILLTEC AUTOBLOK MAG technology in combination with the TDM system.
The clamping of the workpiece is carried out by means of the permanent electromagnetic system while the piece is centered through the TDM MAG.
A series of calibrated holes are made on the magnetic chuck with hardened bushes pitch 100mm ±0.01mm to which the TDM MAG elements are fixed.

TDM Catalogue

TDM Video

TLM Video

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