OUR HISTORY is your guarantee


1970  Birth of the OML as subcontract company of telephone components

1986 Our first patented range of modular vises called TC

1990 Our second patented range of modular vises called MC

1992 Our patented CLAK SYSTEM by means of which the QUICK JAWS’ CHANGE concept is introduce in the worldwide market


1994 We start the production of Tombstones

1995 Our patented CAM SYSTEM

1998 OML enters into the SMW AUTOBLOK group 

2000 Our NCN vises with mechanical/mechanical clamping force multiplier 

2002 OML establish a joint-venture with the American Company KURT (DUO-LOCK products) 

2004 OML establish a joint-venture with the Japanese company IMAO (FAST-CLAMPS products)

2005 OML establish a joint-venture with the Japanese company KAWATA (TOUCHDEX products)

2007 Our APS, the first product ZERO POINT manufactured in Italy

2009 OML adds 150 pages to its general catalogue (among the new products: Variclamp)

2010 GENIUS product. Vise that, for its innovative technical features solves the clamping problems on the new generation 5 axis machines

2013 The product SINTERGRIP revolutionary system with solid carbide inserts for a workpiece clamping of only 3.5mm.
Thanks to this product OML applies for and wins important awards for innovation in national and international events


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