Vice for 5 axis machines.

The company policy from OML has always been to seek the best solution for the customer, developing and updating all our products with the latest technologies available.
In this sense, GENIUS series will now be suppliled with: pair of jaws SINTERGRIP, with n. 10 SinterGrip inserts STD for steel (on request with inserts for HRC or Aluminium), n. 1 T9 TORX wrench and 1 kit of 10 screws.

The new Genius configuration with SinterGrip reduces the workpiece clamping from 11mm to 3.5mm (click to see the picture)


The clamping force (up to 40KN) is generated right where it is needed.

Thanks to its own expanding screw, GENIUS can clamp the workpieces up to 200 mm with just one set-up.

Unlike the traditional vises, GENIUS clamps the workpieces by means of traction clamping.

GENIUS is the first vise designed for the 5 axis-machine tools which can be used for high precision milling operations too.

The movement of the jaws is not on a base, but on hardened and grinded shafts. This allows a more quick and accurate positioning of both on the same axis with the centre of the machine tool pallet.



working example with “grippers”

working example with work stop



 N.B.: images are indicative only. Some accessories may be excluded from the basic product

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