Modular clamping equipment TC

The company policy from OML has always been to seek the best solution for the customer, developing and updating all our products with the latest technologies available.
In this sense, the modular vises of the TC series will now be suppliled with: pair of jaws without tungsten carbide coating, 1 pair of parallels (PP), 1 T9 TORX wrench and 1 kit of 10 screws, which allow to assemble the latest products SinterGrip also on this series.

We use the true definition of the term modular: product which is composed of separate or separable elements. With these separate or separable elements we can achieve many different clamping solutions.

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The only different component of these clamping solutions is the base.
The base length determines the clamping capacity while all other components remain the same.
Fixed and movable vise jaws can be used with any base configuration, offering the most flexible workholding solutions available.
This modular system allows the user to realize the maximum number of workholding combinations with the minimum investment in equipment.

Attrezzature di bloccaggio modulari TC
All sliding and joining surfaces are precision ground. Each item is thoroughly inspected and tested both before and after assembly. Alignment of the clamping equipment is ensured by using high tolerance ground keys. Other key dimensions are available upon request.The clamping jaws pull the workpiece down 0.2 mm. (0.008”) against the ground base for unmatched accuracy.

All components are constructed from oversize steel profiles ensuring the equipment is exceptionally sturdy and can provide the user with optimal performance. Wear parts are special treated to achieve a surface hardness of 50/60 HRC. All non-ground surfaces are burnished to protect against corrosion.

A patented system allows quick repositioning of the clamping jaws. The clamping jaw is lifted slightly from the base and shuttled to the next clamping position then lowered into place. Part changeovers and size changes can be made quickly and easely.

The six bolts mounting the fixed jaw to the base provide the most rigid platform possible to support the clamped workpiece.

The fixed jaw has serrations on the rare face so that by reversing it, unmachined workpieces can be clamped. The movable jaw can be rigid or floating (for clamping on uneven surfaces). The interchangeability of the rigid slide-way with the floating slide-way ( both encluded as standard equipment) allows the user to clamp finished or raw workpieces. The standard CLAK system allows the quick-change of parallels, angular parallels, soft jaws and “V “jaws in order to machine any workpiece.

The weight of 27 kg (59 lb.) for the 150 mm. x 200 mm. (6”x 8”) vise and simple clamping system allow for easy movement from one machine tool to another.

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